Testimonials From Couples

“To be honest, we both came into this weekend not really wanting to be here. We just knew we had to. After getting here and even in the first hour, our minds and attitudes had changed. We learned so much from the couples and the presentations that we will take with us on our marriage adventure. Thank you to everyone that put this weekend on. We are so grateful that we could be here.”
"Thank you for taking the time to teach and lead us in an exciting, joyful and sometimes scary and intense time.  Your stories and insights will certainly stick with us as we learn and grow together as a couple and soon a married couple. We appreciate your encouragement and prayers. My suggestion is for more group discussion - people and peers here all had interesting gifts and insights. Take care!"
"Thank you for taking your time to share this class and your own personal lives with us. I hope this weekend will help me and my fiance in our new life together. I like that the information is adaptable to any couple, and is not there to tell us what we do is wrong. It gave us more tools we can use to make our relationship better. Thank you again."
We are so grateful to have met and learned from you this weekend. Your bravery in sharing your journey through marriage is both selfless and inspiring. We came in not knowing what to expect, especially as a non-Catholic/Catholic couple. We felt right at home here and have been so moved to be a future team leader and share our story. Thank you for being so candid with your wisdom and emotions – it has certainly helped us.
“Thank you for the wonderful weekend. Hearing your personal experience has made a huge impact on what we “thought” this weekend would be. Hearing your journeys and how you succeeded in your marriages has helped us to believe that with faith in God and trust in each other, anything is possible. We would love to refer this program to anyone we know who will be celebrating an upcoming marriage.”
“I came here willing to give it a try but thought it would be largely a waste of time. This was not. I learned a few things about my fiancé that were actually very important, and I think I learned a lot about how to bring God into our lives. Thank you for this great weekend.”

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